Why Pre-engagement Counseling?

Are you seriously dating someone? Is marriage a common talking point in your conversations?

We at Therapy Terrace believe in pre-engagement counseling.

Too often, engaged couples wait towards the end of their engagement to address challenging areas in their relationship. The emotional and financial commitments made toward wedding planning, result in couples overlooking and underestimating areas of concern in their dating relationship.  Many times, serious and problematic issues are raised in pre-marital sessions, however the social stigma of breaking off an engagement once it’s been announced makes it difficult for a couple to consider separation.

We at Therapy Terrace believe that dating couples should take an in-depth, honest look at their relationship BEFORE they get engaged. Marriage is a major decision that requires work. Pre-engagement counseling allows couples to iron out the kinks in their relationship BEFORE saying, “Yes.”

Our Pre-engagement session consists of eight counseling sessions with one of our licensed and experienced clinicians. We use research-based techniques, explore traumas, identify personality differences, include a personalized couple report and use biblical truths to explore areas of strength and growth unique to each couple.

For couples who are already engaged, we provide a pre-marital package as well.

If a lifelong commitment is what you desire for your relationship, let Therapy Terrace provide you with a safe space to continue the conversation.

Disclaimer: We are a Christian Counseling Center, however our pre-engagement or pre-marital sessions should not be substituted for Pastoral counseling. 

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