August 31, 2019

Sexual Trauma and Its Effect On Marriage

By: Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW “I was 7 years old. Or maybe 8?” she said. She seemed puzzled and lost. She stared at me, looking for assurance that what she was […]
September 3, 2019

What Is Counseling From A Christian’s Perspective?

By: Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW Biblical counseling utilizes the Bible to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. This is accomplished by identifying where our motives, attitudes […]
September 9, 2019

Let’s Talk About Suicide (With 11 Practical Tips)

By: Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW “I want to kill myself” – 5 chilling words no one wants to hear from the other end of a conversation. The thought of life being […]
September 23, 2019

Tips for Choosing the Right Therapist

by: Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW 1. Look at a their qualifications and specializations.  A therapist who specializes in your area of concern will be most beneficial. 2. Location should be considered but […]
October 25, 2019

Church Is Not A Bad Word

“It is my only day off.” “There are too many hypocrites.” “It is my favorite team’s game day.” “Church is boring.” “I have no interest.” “All they talk about is […]
July 6, 2020

Why Pre-engagement Counseling?

Are you seriously dating someone? Is marriage a common talking point in your conversations? We at Therapy Terrace believe in pre-engagement counseling. Too often, engaged couples wait towards the end […]
January 26, 2021

Perinatal Mental Health

By: Nadly Belizaire, LMHC You knew that this journey would present some difficulties, but nothing like this. The increased worry, anxiety, sadness, self-doubt, guilt, depression, anger, and even unwanted thoughts […]
November 15, 2021

Fighting Fair: Tips to Win Your Marriage, Not the Argument

by: Deborah Richelieu, MS, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Marriage has disagreements.  Whether you are newly married or married for over two decades, contention will arise because marriage is made up of two people […]
June 25, 2023

Spiritual Disciplines and Your Mental Health

Spiritual disciplines are practices that help us to grow closer to God. These disciplines describe “habits of the heart” that can help us to become more like Jesus. There are […]

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