This practice specializes in treating individuals who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, difficult life transitions, infertility, grief/loss, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We are Christian counseling center. All treatment modalities incorporate biblical principles and use scripture references. Please review our “Statement of Faith“ tab for any questions regarding beliefs.

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About Aline-Vanya Guillaume

Aline-Vanya Guillaume is a licensed therapist who owns the private practice, Therapy Terrace. Her first job out of college was licensing foster homes and adoptive homes. After two years of working in the foster care system, she accepted a position to become the manager of the Women and Children’s shelter at the Miami Rescue Mission. Working at the Miami Rescue Mission is where she believes she matured as a clinician. In those five and a half years, she was exposed to some of the most traumatic experiences and stories that you can imagine. It was during that time that her passion for unprocessed trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and Christian counseling was birthed.



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